Change of Heart (Lyrics)

Half-hearted, wasted space 
Your life is just a drop of rain 
floating vacant, letting it slip through your hands 

Nobody, can help you 
Nobody, will lend an ear 
Nobody, will give a second glance 
Nobody, ever will 

You can't expect to live you life this way forever 
indolence, refusing to take hold 
Apathy, acting as an empty shell 

Step back to see the truth 
Only you can make change 
There's so much more to life, than the way you've lived it 
Turn yourself around 

The door is open now , 
search, find, and confront it 
You can always give more. 
Give a shit about your life, 
step away from the traps, 
It’s never over, don’t give in... 
It's time to make yourself worth something 
There is always a choice, 
You're the one in control 

Change your heart.

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