The Waiting Place (Lyrics)

Today is your day. You’ve set out to make a change for the better 
Today is your day. Your future’s bright and it’s time to be on your way. 
You have a head on your shoulders and a heart in your chest. 
You have the capacities to pave the way and live your life. 

You’re on your own and you know what you know. 
Take what you have been taught and step out the door. 
You’ll be on your way up. On your way up 
You’ll be on your way up, see the joys of this world. 

The places you'll go. The things you will see. 
This life is yours for the taking. 
Make the most of it. Out there things can happen, good or bad. 
(Make the most of it) 

It’s up to you to work with the cards dealt to your hand. 
Wherever you go, you’ll top all the rest. 

Except when you don’t. 
Because sometimes you won’t. 
You won’t always win and you won’t always lose. 
Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a slump. 
Sliding down the barrel to a lonely place. 

A place where people sometimes never leave. 
Where they just sit in the waiting place. 
But this place isn’t for you. You are meant to just pass through. 
Somehow you’ll escape and find the things you’re meant to do. 

You will continue your journey, passing through street after street. 
You’ll keep moving on up and be famous as can be. 
You will do amazing things. 

Except when you don’t. 
Because sometimes you won’t. 
Keep walking, one foot at a time. 
Don’t get caught in that waiting place. 
Keep your eyes to the sky. 

I know you’ll move mountains.

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