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The Top 10 Music Artists Who Recorded on Facebook Live

October 3, 2017

Facebook rolled out Live Video starting in August of 2015, and it’s been quick to grow beyond a tech gimmick into an enabler for must-see moments. NASA used it to broadcast the recent solar eclipse and repairs to the International Space Station, the Walking Dead used it to reveal their Season 8 trailer and Elizabeth Warren used it to broadcast a Coretta Scott King letterimmediately after being silenced on the Senate floor. 

Music artists have been flocking to the platform to interact directly with their fans on their phones, computer screens and living room TVs. The ten artists on this list have taken the trend to the next level by recording albums and songs live on Facebook, even taking live feedback from their fans about the final product. 

This post is sponsored by Woodstock Sessions, a producer of unique session/performance hybrids that allow fans to experience the process of record-making in person. They’ve hosted sessions with artists like Rich Robinson (of the Black Crowes), Marco Benevento, Team Sleep, and more. 

This month, they’re streaming their live experience to Facebook and Youtube, with the following sessions on the way:

6. The Anchor’s Born of Osiris cover 

Date: November 27, 2016 
Audience: 59k views and 2.6k total engagements 

Melodic metalcore band, The Anchor, recorded a Facebook Live cover of a popular song by metal band Born of Osiris. Viewers could witness the levels of the recording while watching front-woman in front of the mic. Creatively, The Anchor gained lots of traction on this post by offering fans to share it and win some free goodies.

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